3 Alternatives To Google Ads

How many alternatives to Google Ads do you know? It is undeniable that the popularity of the Mountain View giant far exceeds any other Internet service. Not for nothing, Adwords is the first choice of many digital marketing experts since it allows you to target targeted audiences with personalized ads.

However, there is more than one option to develop effective online campaigns. Even if Google Adwords is an important part of your strategy, it can also help explore other channels and diversify your marketing.

If you want to know the main alternatives to Google Ads and what they can contribute to your marketing campaigns, do not miss this list of the most interesting. Next, you have a list of the best three alternatives to Google Ads so that you can extend your digital strategies to other relevant channels for your target audience.

1.- Search engines
other than Google

Google is the most used search engine in practically the whole world. But as you surely know, it is not the only one that exists. Other services also have a high number of users.

The main reason to think about investing in advertising from other browsers is that the competition for keywords may be less fierce. Therefore, prices are also usually more affordable.


2.- Marketplaces: Amazon

When talking about digital advertising, especially in sales, it is impossible to leave Amazon out of the game board. And it is that this Marketplace has positioned itself as the third advertising platform in the world.

And it is that up to 65% of people use Amazon to research and compare products. And they do this even when they end up buying on any other platform. Be clear that search engines always place Amazon Ads ads on their product search results pages.

3.- Advertising on social networks

Another great alternative to Google Ads are, of course, ads on social networks. Do not forget that social channels are the most effective way to reach very broad and segmented audiences economically.

Although the greatest weight of strategies was supported by content in the past, social platforms have been fine-tuning their algorithms, and many things have been changing. First, the publication's visualization has gone from being chronological to being based on relevance.

Some of the most profitable Platforms

Facebook Ads. The platform allows you to develop a large number of advertising products. For example, it allows you to pay to promote engaging posts and create display ads that include image carousels, videos, presentations, etc. It also offers a specific format for mobiles: “Canvas”. It is an ad that is displayed in full screen and improves its visibility.

Instagram Ads. Since Instagram became part of Mark Zuckerberg’s empire, advertising is much easier thanks to the ability to link your account with Facebook and use the company’s Ads Manager.

Twitter Ads. The bird’s social network is another one that receives the most advertising investment. This is not surprising, since the micro-segmentation capacity of its tool is very powerful. It allows you to create advertising based on keywords and hashtags used by your audiences.

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