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Marketing Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are coming up, and in many ways it’s an interior designer’s dream.  Except it mostly isn’t. Advertising services for holiday home design needs to be well targeted, because it’s a pretty specific group that hires this work out. … Continued

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The Boor Steals the Design

You did your life’s best work on this interior design project.  Your client’s great room is finally, actually, great.  The colors, the furniture, the accessories, the lighting – all perfect.  You can’t wait for the open house to show off … Continued

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Website Design: Brains and Beauty

Want to create a truly effective website for your interior design firm? Think beauty – and brains. As an interior design firm, you do, of course, want beauty.  Your website design should reflect an aesthetic that enhances your brand. But … Continued

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The easiest problems to solve…

…are the ones that never come up. When it comes to dealing with problems, most people do one of three things. Best:  avoid the problem altogether with smart design and forethought. Functional:  deal with the problem early on, before it … Continued

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Design is How It Works

When you do interior design, you work with furnishings, carpets, paints, lighting, and other details to create a certain effect.  Your client looks at room – they love it. But looks are not, in the end, what the room is … Continued

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The Power of Voice

In marketing, we talk a lot about “voice”.  Usually it has to do with the tone and personality of your copywriting.  It’s the human behind the words that engages the human reading them. Design also has voice.  Think of how … Continued

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Offering Return On Design

In business, we often talk about return on investment (ROI).  It’s a straightforward measurement comparing money you put in against what you get out. But Seth Godin makes an interesting argument for assessing return on design.  This provides a valuable … Continued

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